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m37charlie 15 Aug 2009 05:00

Roro W. Coast N. America to Australia?
Does anyone know of a shipping line to transport a Unimog roro from W. Coast N. America (Canada or US) to Australia?


Iskaa 24 Aug 2009 19:54

Have you tried these guys - Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics - worldwide ocean transport, inland services, supply chain solutions

m37charlie 26 Aug 2009 17:51

Yes; WW do ship from NA to Oz, but their port of departure is Savannah, Georgia. A bit of a long haul since I live in Alaska. They do have a very good reputation.


bobkat 27 Aug 2009 22:51

WW had an office in Tacoma, WA in 2006. I found the address off their web pages, drove there and talked to them about shipping to Europe. Their only route to Europe from Tacoma was through Australia and the far east. That was not suitable for us. I don't have the address any longer or know if they're still there. Try their web pages. It's a lot closer than the east coast!

RogerM 28 Aug 2009 07:44

WW goto Australia from Tacoma via Japan via Singapore, all change in Singapore for the Australian route. Its rare(ish) to get a direct delivery into Australia as volumes are not that great, mostly vehicle loads from Asia, Europe and the USA are grouped in Singapore and then delivered to the East or West coast ports.

Most of the international vehicle shippers do much the same with their loads - I get a feeling that carriers may even do a little "code sharing" to maximise loads into Australia by grouping in Singapore.

m37charlie 28 Aug 2009 18:54

I just got an answer from WW. They ship Tacoma-Panama-Australia. That's what I'll do; only a 2300 mile drive for me. Savannah would have been 4500 or so.


Leto 8 Sep 2009 12:24

Hi Charly,

FYI: this is a transshipping. They will unload your Unimog in Panama and load it again to another vessel. Not without risk.

Theres no direct Roro connection between WC North America to Australia.
You can ship on a container flat rack.

Best Regards


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