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jeff_watts 10 Aug 2008 10:09

RO RO V container 4x4
im planning on shipping my land cruiser from uk to buenos aries in october and have been quoted around £900 less for Ro Ro as against container obvioulsy the real benefit of container is security!! has anyone any experiences to share!!! and can yu deal directly with the shipping line to cut out agents???


Gone wandering

marker 14 Sep 2008 23:41

Hi Jeff,

Shipped my ex LAndcruiser twice with Grimaldi (RoRo). I went on the same ship. Advantage is that you do not have to hand in the keys as you must drive the car on and off board yourself.
Other advantage is that in Bs As the customs come on board and you get the paperwork done there at the spot. Takes about 15 minutes extra. At no extra or hidden costs.
I would do it any time again.
(have shipped it to uruguay as well once with a container. Not to be compared. Pr ice about the same or more. Hassle =lots more)

RogerM 15 Sep 2008 08:36

I've done a couple on roro shipments recently, one ex Bremerhaven, the other ex Portbury near Bristol. Both times the shipping agents made it clear that anything not bolted down and a permanent part of the vehicle was at my risk. The vehicle is unlocked at all times, so its possible for anyone to have a look through you gear whilst on the wharf, on the ship or before you take delivery at the receiving end.

The ease of roro is that usually its just a case of doing the customs bit and port charges at the wharf and then driving the vehicle away.

With containers, in most cases, the container is taken away from the wharf and unpacked at a freight forwarders. Usually that one movement increases the paperwork, your effort and costs by a lot more than you will have been quoted.

vincent danna 28 Sep 2008 16:10


we did the container thing for our toyota 15 days ago, from le havre (france) to Buenos aires.
no problem at all.
quick to take it out from buenos aires harbour
thanx to the help of sandra from dakar motos
see with her for all the details, she s the best !

we did not do the ro ro thing because we did not want to spend 3 weeks on a boat (so we flew) and you need to book long in advance

prices : ro ro + cabin for 2 / container + 2 plane tickets : almost same same

advantages / disadvantages : as mentionned before


for insurance and shipping also

Happy trails

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