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becausewecan 22 Jul 2009 13:58

Ro/ro information UK to South Africa
Hi all, after scouring this site and finding little information on prices for this route, thought I would post the quote for a 4x4 I just received back from Wilhelmsen. Comes in at under £1200 from Sheerness, and we can keep luggage in the vehicle from this port, though from Southampton the vehicle must be empty... be warned though that we were told there is a history of theft of personal items should anything be left in the vehicle as we have to surrender our keys on ro/ro. We are still waiting for an estimate of costs once it arrives at Durban, though to date this company has responded promptly to emails and seems very helpful. Hope this is helpful to someone,
Mark and Allison

Good Morning Mark,

Please see below a couple of options and rates for you.

We can offer ro/ro services from both Sheerness and Southampton - details as follows:-

Ex Sheerness, Kent - Monthly sailings
Transit time approx 23 days port/port

Freight port/port - USD $ 1450.00 lump sum

UK terminals and B/Lading fee - Pds Stlg £ 100.00


Ex Southampton - Fortnightly sailings
Transit time approx 19 days port/port

Freight port/port - USD 1550.00 lump sum

UK terminals and B/Lading fee - Pds Stlg 155.00

Export Clearance document created by us for both options £ 55.00

I hope these details help, however will probably be subject to change at time of shipment.

Best Regards
James Power
Support Services Manager
Denholm Barwil Ltd
Seafleet House
Port Of Tilbury
Essex, RM18 7SG

Tel: +0044 (0) 1375 363307
Fax: +0044 (0)1375 850885

Mobile +0044 (0) 7718 580929

e-mail: james.power@denholm-barwil.com
website: www.denholm-barwil.com

uk_vette 23 Jul 2009 05:51

You will not be disappointed with Wilhelmsen, my 2 nephews each to a MR2 back from UK to SA.
Loaded at Southampton to Port Elizabeth.
I think they paid a few pound under a grand each.

The service was prompt, no delays.


freeflyd 23 Jul 2009 08:54

I got a quote from them a year ago and it was just under a grand for a 80 series Land Cruiser to PE or Durban. No difference in price.

Container to Cape Town was GBP1 200.

coxy 6 Aug 2009 17:40

Hi Mark and Allison thanks for that we are looking to ship back from SA next March our TLC to the UK i will phone James tomorrow and have a chat.
I must say i like ro/ro just up that ramp and no roof tent to mess with.
Thanks again John Cox

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