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hook 24 May 2006 01:54

Rio to Capetown
I'm in Buenos Aires at the moment and have decided to visit South Africa on my way to Australia. I've worked out the shipping from BA to SA- but it would be easier to fly out of Brazil as I want to visit the Foz do Iguacu and Rio. If I can't ship the bike out of Rio it will mean a return ride to BA (I'll take in Montevideo if I do- it's no problem). Does anyone have any ideas about shipping (by air) out of Rio- there are no reports in the archive's. Thanks, Dave.

Paul Thoreson 26 May 2006 15:17

Buenos Aires To Rio
Sorry Hook, I don't have any info for you regarding shipping from Rio to Capetown, but I was hoping you might be kind enough to post the Buenos Aires to Capetown shipping info. Shipping company name, price...?

I'm in BA now on a KLR, living in an apartment in Palermo. Although I'm not heading out to Africa right now, I'd be interested to know for future plans. Good luck on the Rio info.

By the way, I did a side trip from BA to Iguazu, over to Rio, then back to BA on a bus when my bike was in the shop. From what I saw out the bus window, I can't wait to do Brasil on the moto. It looks great. Beautiful green rolling hills, spectacular beaches, etc. My Spanish also helped a lot with the Portugese.

hook 26 May 2006 19:09

Paul, I'll be sure to post the shipping info after the deed is done. It looks like I'll be shipping from BA to Capetown. I'm having some work done on the bike at Dakar Motos now. When the bike is ready I plan to ride to Asuncion, then the falls, then Rio and return to BA via the coast, Florianopolis, Montevideo, etc. I'm in an apartment in Barrio Norte, # is 4823-8691- lets go have a chopp!

hook 24 Jun 2006 22:59

Buenos Aires to Capetown air-freight
Airfreight to CPT

Airfreight +300 kgs usd 2.15/k

+500 kgs usd 1.97/k

Fsc usd 0.60/k

Sc usd 0.13/k

Mz usd 0.03/k

DGR airline usd 80.00

Charges in BUE

Charges in BUE

Packing over pallet usd 100/moto

Edcadassa usd 0.007/k +5.19

Awb fee usd 60.50

Airport handling usd 48.40

DGR fee usd 60.50

(This quote is from All Cargo, they ship by sea and air) <all-cargo@allcargo.com.ar>

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