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msi999 12 Jan 2008 15:34

Rio de Janeiro > Lisboa
We, two latvians on two KTM Adventures 990, are now on 6 months long world-round trip. Today allready in Brasilia (Brazil).
Our web is apPasaule 2007, but most info is in our language. Pure information in English, Spanish and Russian you can find there too, not allways enaught time to actualize it. There are many pictures, if you see Gallery > apPasaule 2007 > _expedition pisctures and will be more...;)

If somebody have ideas about (see below), we will be happy to hear from you:
1) Shippment of bikes from Brazil (or Argentina) to Lisboa (Portugal) - we are working now to manage that next week.
2) Portugal>SouthSpain>Marocco>Algeria>Tunis>Italy>Au stria... - what to see, whom to visit and where to stay? (from 21.jan to 5.feb)
3) Who knows something about GARMIN maps for these regions. Probably somebody can share...;)

Martins (msi)

Ruioliveira 12 Jan 2008 22:54

I live in portugal,if you need something elsesend me a email

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