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Mikel.Gurbindo 3 Sep 2011 10:31

Riding in South America - share, meet, help!
Hi there.
We are a couple (Belgian + Spanish) who plan to ride our Vstrom in South America starting next October.
The plan is arrive BA, ride south in Argentina, then cross to Chile and head north to Santiago.
After 1-2 months maybe we are leaving the bike and continue the trip by bus/train in Bolivia-Peru-Ecuador.
The things:

- Can you help us finding the cheapest Ro-Ro company (from Belgium-UK-Germany)
- Are you arriving SA on November-December? would you like to rent or buy our bike?
- Have you ridden these roads? please, contact us to talk for tips, doubts
- Did you ship your bike to BA? please, contact to help us

The best quote I have for shipping is about 1500eur (ship + taxes + BA taxes)
but I think there are better offers.

Thanks in advance and wait for you; maybe we will share some beers in Argentina!



Laverdarob 15 Sep 2011 23:43

Hi Mikel
Apart from the tales of woe re taxess in BA which i am sure you have heard plenty of the only thing i can help you with is your ride.
The trip south from BA to Ushuaia on the east coast is not very nice. Desert and wind your only companions. Once on Tierra del Fuego you have only 110Km of dirt and some fantastic riding across Patagonian plains and then mountains as you reach Ushuaia. The wind WILL still be your companion Expect 100Km/Hr winds (Great when behind you!)
The Western side is fantastic. Don't try to ride up to Santiago in Chile alone there are plenty of crossings to and from Argentina which are all pretty smooth re aduana and migration - Do as many as you can. They link you to some of South Americas best site and areas. My favourite is Puerto Fuy which involves a ferry in the Andes! Leaving Bolivia Peru and Ecuador to the bus will remain for the rest of your life your greatest regret.

Mikel.Gurbindo 18 Sep 2011 11:33

Thanks a lot for your advices; I will keep them on my mind and will try to cross the Andes as much as possible, haha.
And will take care of the wind, of course; Ive just installed a bigger windscreen on my Vstrom, hope it help a lot.
Mil gracias y hasta luego!!


Uffe 29 Sep 2011 19:29

I arrive in BA in the beginning of February and might be interested in your bike, can you give some details, - km, price and so on.

Mikel.Gurbindo 30 Sep 2011 09:13

Well, this is my motorbike:

Suzuki DL 650 A Vstrom 2007 ABS
75.000Kms (Sep 2011)
topcase 46l + 2 lateral cases 42+42 l.
Long GIVI touring windscreen
hand protectors
side engine protectors
All the maintenance book with all the repair works.

This is a easy to ride, comfortable trail bike, with a nice lighter engine 70HP (4,7 l /100Kms), autonomy for 400 Kms with a tank, which you can use to go everywhere.
Gentle wind/rain protection, easy to get into the turns, and your copilot will never complain about the seat.
The bike has a small tiny scratch in the right side, but the rest is almost perfect.

In case of selling think I will ask for 4.000eur (think is the right european price, not that crazy argentinian robbing, haha) and maybe I will give you part of my gear if you are about my size (1.78m. 70Kg)

For more info, pictures and so on, contact me in mkgurbindo@gmail.com


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