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miker6travel 29 Dec 2003 21:09

Port of Miami
Need help clearing my Motor Bike through customs in the Port of Miami, without using an Agent...$150 dollars seems a little expensive.
So if anyone has any experience with what paperwork etc and how to go about it that would be great thanks

Grant Johnson 30 Dec 2003 01:21

It's dead easy - show up wherever they have your bike, and they'll send you in the right direction to get started. It took me 30 minutes last time to clear. And I was coming from Colombia! I'm Canadian not American, so should be similar for you. Mind you that was before Sept 11, but it shouldn't be much different.

Hardest part is getting transport from the cargo area to customs and back. I caught a ride both ways.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

miker6travel 30 Dec 2003 08:35

Grant......seems that i need a SED, and no one has got one except the broker who wants to charge me $150, also it seems that even though i can get the form online it has to be printed out on special paper...where did you get your SED?

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