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lamorder 14 Jun 2007 22:10

New York to Brazil shipment
hey there, this is my first posting. I realize that if I look around enough my questions is sure to be answered somewhere, but after a couple of hours of looking I'm still nowhere on deciding what to do.

I'm looking to do a New York to Brazil (Rio) ride, or the other way around. First of all, does anyone have any recommendation on going one way (NY-Brazil) as opposed to the other (Brazil-NY)? I understand that Variglog will be an option from Brazil to NY, that is if they are still in business. As far as NY-Brazil, would this same company still be an option? Something tells me it would be a lot more expensive to ship from the US to Brazil than vice versa.

My other option is the old buy a bike there and ride it back up, but that seems like it is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Any thoughts?

Hoopjohn 16 Jun 2007 11:37

I agree with your assessment that buying a bike in Brazil & riding it to NY is a nightmare waiting to happen. Registration & licensing issues come to mind.
Who am I kidding. Actually, finding a bike would be a nightmare. You'd be stepping off a plane in a foreign country, probably can't speak the language, have no idea where anything is located, and your only way to get around is by taxi. Assuming you're fortunate enough to locate a motorcycle at a price you can live with (this will likely take a week), then you'll partake of the funds transfer. The registration/licensing nightmare hasn't even started. And you have no idea what types of problems you'll encounter once you cross your first border as a US resident driving a non-US registered vehicle. Does this sound like something you want to undertake?

Your "bike dollar" goes a lot further in the good ol US of A. More selection and probably about 1/2 the cost of what the same bike would cost in most of South America.

I just saw a KLR650 in todays Craigslist Minneapolis 8700 miles, appears excellent, and a price of $2500. Undoubtedly this would need another $1000 or more in upgrades before hitting the road on this type of trip, but I'm certain everyday bike buys we take for granted in the states are nonexistent in South America.

I'm inclined to think a persons first adventure trip should be undertaken with a reasonably inexpensive (but reliable) motorcycle.

Obviously, if one is on an inexpensive motorcycle, it wouldn't kill them if they chose to abandon (or sell for an obscenely low price). Not certain, but I think many gringos ride from the US to Rio (or thereabouts) and (illegally) dispose of the bike.

Of course, this is strictly my opinion. As with all opinions, weigh accordingly and decide whats best for you.

lamorder 16 Jun 2007 16:16

Thanks for the reply. I agree that buying the bike there would be a nightmare and I just wanted some confirmation before I put that idea to bed. Besides, the idea of getting the bike near home and spending some time getting it in shape is much more appealing.

As far as the question of going north to south or the other way around, the idea of the journey being about getting there, and not just trying to get home, seems a lot more appealing, any thoughts?

Bmast 26 Jul 2007 14:28

NY > South
I've been thinking about a similar trip and trying to figure out the best way. This same thought crossed my mind. I figured that it may be best to start off in a place where you're comfortable, take some time getting used to the bike, getting used to the road and the milage. This will give yourself a chance to settle into your trip a bit and once you are, then there's the excitement of the trip that's just starting. I tihnk it would be easier to appreciate the travel to do it that way, but that's just my opinoin and I hjave yet to do this trip myself. By the way, I'm also in NY and looking to do the same. Let me nkow if you have any interest in a riding partner.

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