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amanojaku 20 Dec 2008 02:35

New international ports database- www.worldportsource.com
I was following Marine industry feeds and I noticed this new website: www.worldportsource.com . Features a lot of Google Map'ed helpfulness.

Naturally the Horizons Unlimited shipping database will be more useful than this, but for those who want to find new shipping options I expect this will be a good tool. I especially appreciate the ability to go from country -> ports -> shipping companies.

There doesn't seem to be anyway to search for all commercial connections between two countries (or a port and another country) yet, however.

Remember, unlike the H.U. shipping database the shipping companies here are not filtered to ones that will carry a crated motorbike. If you find your dream connection between Argentina and Iran on the (imaginary) "BFOTRU" line, your heart will only get broken when you find out it stands for Big Fat Oil Tankers 'R Us :)

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