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Adventure driven 18 Jul 2012 00:40

In need of information on finding a bike in maylasia
Hi guys new this forum and new to traveling the world so i hope somebody can help me. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but i have just decided to up n sell everything and hit the road last week and have been submerged every minute im not working researching and planning everything. I think i have a pretty decent plan at this point. Im flying to malaysia and buying a bike there but im having no luck finding classified adds or info on dealers there that i can contact. Im looking for a xr650r around a 2003. I want to have one found before and hopefully put a deposit down on it before i get there so im not just crossing my fingers that i find one. Im pretty set on the xr650r but was back and forth on the drz400e and the xr400r a little but just settled on the 650r. Does anybody know of any websites that would help me out with locking a bike down or at least finding one before i leave so i know where to fly and hopefully buy it before somebody else does. Any websites or dealership information in maylasia would b greatly appreciated or if u know somebody that might have any useful info or is selling an xr650r. And why i picked maylasia is i hear the paperwork is easier to get the bike completely in your name and it is easier to tavel into surrounding countries with malaysian registration. Thanks in advance for any info anybody has. :)

burnjr 21 Aug 2012 06:20

yes welcome tomalaysia..you canget tobuy or rentthe bike is ok just contact me..
or email abukamarudin@yahoo.com.sg..
the cheapest is KLR 650..you can buy new just US10k:welcome:

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