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Sjeng 10 Jul 2007 10:32

Mongolia UB to Netherlands
We're kinda stuck in UB Mongolia. Does anyone have a tip to get 3 bikes (1 sidecar aswell) shipped to the Netherlands.
There is a posibility to ship by container but its like 4500 Euro. If you share it's less. I think you need half of a 22 foot container.

gozell 11 Jul 2007 08:10

Hi Sjeng,

Sorry to hear that you guys are stuck in Mongolia... Suppose will get some updates on that on your Blog. As im travelling too slow (or you to fast) we will probably wont meet on the road. Still in Iran - Tehran and long way from Mongolia....

Say Hi to Ad for me. Thx.


p.s sorry this reply doenst help you in finding a way out.............

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