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Frank Amberger 26 Jan 2002 17:29

Kathmandu (Nepal) - Bangkog (Thailand)
hi mate,

i am in kathmandu and it's f***** freezing.

we found a very good agency which sorts out everything. it got recommended by another biker we met in pokhara and they have a lot of experience judging the bills he showed me of the bikes he has shipped allready.

it's called eagles eye and is situated in thamel (the place where you will stay most probably.

the adress is:

eagles eyes exports
cargo service
p.o. box 10271, thamel, kathmandu, nepal
tel.: 00977-1-268236
e-mail: eagleeyes@hotmail.com

costs are:

sending per kg $1.07 (more if it's under 500kg)
airway poll fee: $2.00
insurance per kg: $0.07
transport from cargo to plane per kg: $ 0.10

the agency charges:
handling charge per bike nepal rs. 2000.00
crating and crate nepal rs. 4500.00

ticket to bangkog per person $ 234.00

this seems to be reasonable (just 5$ cheaper than the cheapest agency we found) and the guy is quite nice and seems to know what he is talking about. i will mail you how it went when we are in thailand (maybe 1.2.02)

mail you soon,


p.s.: we flew to bangkog. the bikes arrived not on the same date (as promised), but on the next day. otherwise no problems and we cleared the bikes in one day out of customs.

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Susan Johnson 27 Jan 2002 00:10

Hi Frank

There are quite a few entries in the Shipping page on Kathmandu to Bangkok. Eagle Eyes Exports is famous or infamous depending on who you ask.

Hope your experience with them is good, will look forward to your shipping report when you've gotten to Thailand.

Good luck and safe travels!

Susan Johnson
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sam.on.tour 3 Feb 2002 20:34


I was flying with Eagle Eye in Oct 2000. In the end everything was fine, but ...

The guy was lying about scheduled cargo flights, "reserved" cargo space, delays caused by upcoming holidays etc..

Ask the carrier (Thai Cargo) about the estimated date for the transport and then make the contract and arrange the crating.

so long


PS: I could have used my bike one more week in Nepal.

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