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saladgayworm 31 Jul 2012 21:01

Japan to Cambodia or Vietnam ??
Hello - I'm a brand new visitor to the site - thanks in advance for any help! I am planning to depart from Japan into South East Asia via Cambodia or Vietnam in late November this year. I am travelling by GSA. Does anyone have any advice / experience regarding shipping between Japan and into SE Asia. I then plan to travel to Singapore and onwards to Perth. Any advice or thoughts on this leg would also be most welcome. Thanks Andy, Bath UK. (Currently 7000 miles into RTW - bike and owner doing real well) :mchappy:

pecha72 2 Aug 2012 09:15


Originally Posted by saladgayworm (Post 387810)
Does anyone have any advice / experience regarding shipping between Japan and into SE Asia.

No experience from Japan, but regarding SE Asia, I´d strongly advice against sending to Vietnam. To even cross a land border to Vietnam on a vehicle (registered anywhere else than Vietnam) is a big pain. Actually very few have succeeded, without paying a huge amount of money sorta like arranging entry to China, I mean.

Cambodia should be a bit easier, and land borders are often used, but very few vehicles seem to get freighted there. And if and when the authorities are not very familiar with the process, that is often when your troubles start... (not to even mention the possibility of corruption).

For more hassle-free shipping, I would go by air to Bangkok, or in case you have the carnet, by air to Kuala Lumpur, or by sea to Port Klang (near Kuala Lumpur). Those places get good reports, and they are all very well connected, so you or your freight agent has more airlines and shipping lines to choose from.

Road network in that area is good, and distances aren´t really huge, takes only a couple of days to ride between KL and Bangkok for example.

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