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imola 7 Oct 2003 07:38

italy to new zealand
can anyone help with an adress of a company that ships from genoa?thanks pete

David and Cheryl Laing 16 Oct 2003 15:27

Hope we are not too late with this reply. We shipped our two Honda Shadows from Genoa to Sydney in Dec 2001 and found these companies so good to deal with.
Seatram Sea transport management s.r.l.
Sede.Via G.D'Annunzio, 2/78 - 16121 Genoa.
Filiale: Via Londra, 46 - 20090 Segrate(MI)

You could contact them direct or use an agent as we did ( althought next time i would try and deal with Seatram direct)
Clara Briano was the agent who helped us and she is at Simat s.r.l. in Genoa.
email simat@sis-net.it
phone 010 6456960

We do not have one complaint about our shipping. It was all so easy.
Contact me if you need more info.

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