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Brian and Marie 9 Jan 2009 14:30

insuring vehicle for overseas shipment
Tried in vain to search the site but getting an error message each time so here is my question:

Does anybody know of a company that can provide insurance for our motorycle? We are shipping via Grimaldi on the 14th of January to Belgium and would like to insure the bike in case of problems on the passage (they had a boat capsize in 2007!).


Quintin 12 Jan 2009 19:04

Grimaldi will, or should be able to, arrange insurance for you. When I shipped my truck back from Dakar last year on one of Grimaldi's RoRos and it was damaged somewhere after parc fermé and unloading (apparently a pretty common outcome) when I asked them to pay up they refused saying I had no insurance and pointing to the terms and conditions-which of course were so small that anyone over 18 couldn't read them-which said there was no liability unless I could prove that damage occured whilst in their physical custody. This is of course impossible to do. When I said I didn't know insurance was available they said it was.


mistress-kate 15 Jan 2009 12:27

I realise this is too late for Brian and Marie but I would like to ask a similar question as I am trying to organise shipping the Mog from Ghana to UK in March.

Today I had an email from John Walerych at the Grimaldi office in Tilbury, UK in response to my questions about insuring the vehicle whilst in their care. His response is quoted below:
"The rate quoted is purely for freight, no insurance cover beyond normal shipping cover, we would suggest that you obtain insurance cover separately as we do not provide this service

The line takes no responsibility for any personal effects in the vehicle which are not covered in the bill of lading"

I am going to reply asking what exactly is covered in 'normal shipping cover' and what can be included in the 'bill of lading'

I would appreciate any further comments/info people can offer me relating to insurance and/or shipping with Grimaldi.


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