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Curtainpuller 12 May 2002 19:45

Insurance for Buy-Ride-Sell in US
I'm a Brit who wants to buy ride & sell in the US to avoid the cost of hiring over a long period and the hassle of shipping. My choice of bike is totally flexible but the problem I've encountered is that I can't get insurance. I've e mailed loads of companys and they don't want to know. Any ideas or experiances welcome.

Susan Johnson 23 May 2002 11:11

Sunrise Direct provides temporary motorcycle insurance for foreign nationals touring the US and Canada. See the link and e-mail info

Andy Miller is a Brit touring the US and Canada en route back to England from Asia and Australia. He just got insurance through them (liability only) for just over $300 US for 3 months.

Good luck!

Susan Johnson

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