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pjmancktelow 17 Sep 2005 03:49

India to Malyasia
has anyone out there managed to ship their bike from the east coast of india to malaysia at all and (or) been able to travel with the bike. AMH says its a common shiping route but i would prefer to travel with the bike (naturally)



wonky 21 Sep 2005 23:18

I'm looking to go in the opposite direction, which a few people have done. I wouldn't get your hopes up regarding travelling with the bike though, it seems since september11 this is a big no-no. Possible by air though.
I've just been through the logistics companies listed in the shipping companies section of this site and emailed all who have offices in Chennai and Malaysia. Send me an email and i'll forward you the replies.
Hey, depending on dates, perhaps we could do a deal and use the same crates and shipper. One bike arrives in india, another leaves for malaysia(or vice-versa)....
We've got 2 yamaha TT600R's and expect to be leaving Malaysia in about a month.

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