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marcow 14 Oct 2006 14:04

india to tailand january.share container or tru mayanmar?
hi i will go from india to tailand in january 2007 by ship i think.i don t have a plan jet .maybe over land tru mayanmar or by playne. maybe share a container with more motorcicles or other vehicels is someone intristed??
also the idea of going overland tru mayanmar is in the back of my head.
bad idea maybe?
when somewon is intrested has the same plan or knows whats the best tell me:helpsmilie: thanks

beddhist 14 Oct 2006 15:21

I'll be heading the same way as you, but probably later. Search HUBB for Burma and Myanmar to find out why I won't be going this way. You can't ride all the way.

Also, shipping from India is not a great idea. Again, do a search with appropriate keywords like bureaucratic or nightmare to get an idea.

As it stands I will most likely follow the well-trodden path of flying from either Kathmandu or Dhaka to BK. Or, if there are enough people going at the same time we could organise a convoy through China to save on "guide" expenses and get to see Tibet and China.


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