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Baikal 7 Jul 2006 23:09

Help needed in Dease-Lake, Northern BC!
We have arrived in Dease-Lake, Northern BC, Canada and got a real problem with one of our bikes :cry:

Engine burns oil, we are afraid of having a damage on one or more rings. Unfortunately the mechanic who could fix it here in Dease-Lake is away for 2 weeks.
So we have to ship the bike to Whitehorse, Yukon.
Because of a moving firm wants 600,- CND for the shipment (that's really stupid!) we need your help!

If there is any truck driver or owner of a pick-up who will go to Whitehorse the next days - please contact us! We will pay about 200,- CND for shipping the bike to Whitehorse.

Unfortunately we have no phone here in Dease-Lake and the internet will be closed over weekend. So here is the place where we are staying:
11km after Dease-Lake, direction Watson-Lake on campground "Water Edge". One of us will be there for sure and the bike is ready to be picked up!

So, if you are close to us, please contact us personally, as soon as possible!

Thanks a lot for your help!
Greets from Dease-Lake,

Alexandra & Carsten
July, 7th, 2006

Lone Rider 8 Jul 2006 01:04

The people who work at the fuel station and cafe combo in Dease probably know everybody who lives around there. See if they have any ideas on hitching a tuck lift/ride. Maybe even to Watson Lake gets you closer.

Baikal 10 Jul 2006 19:29

Thanks for reply!
We found sb who will pick up the MuZ and Alex to Whitehorse on Tuesday :-)
So there the bike will be fixed - hope so...!

Greets from Dease-Lake,

Alex & Carsten

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