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callum101 11 Aug 2011 15:27

Getting to Egypt, need help.
Hey everyone. Iv been using this site fo a long time, but iv only just got a membership as i could really use a hand.
Im planning on taking my honda cbf 250 (small i know) to east africa this January. Starting from egypt then taking about 7 months to get to cape town. Only problem is that there are literally no ferries to egypt at all. It looks like i will have to ship the bike and meet it there, but ive heard bad stories about doing this.
Does anybody have any advise, it would be really apreciated.
Thanks, Callum.

Titbird 11 Aug 2011 19:04

Visemar should resume the ferry Italy-Egypt in the next months.
My friends are just back from Africa via Israel with Grimaldi, have a look at their site:Home is where we are... and we are home 14th of August

callum101 11 Aug 2011 19:30

thanks a lot, i hope your right. had a look at the link, thier trip looks great.

frenchian 18 Aug 2011 14:58

Hi Callum,

the bad news is that Visemar have decided not to resume services to Egypt - there's been a thread going on the Sahara forum - there are now several people changing plans or wondering what to do next!


Squire 19 Aug 2011 02:05

Dig and dig again
Welcoming words to the HUBB are in order.

There's a lot to learn to get into Egypt, I live there for the time being and trust me getting a vehicle in the country is a nightmare, and can cost you a lot. Indeed without the ferry service, you'll need to sail or fly the bike there, and then suffer. You could also sail or ship the bike to Nairobi and start from there. Cheaper, safer and more pleasant bureaucratically speaking. It's not like you'll hit the dunes or anything like it with the bike, then it's not worth risking you life on Egyptian roads and suffer the heat and dryness in Sudan, not to mention bandit attacks further down. Do yourself a favor, same some bucks there and travel Egypt with Miss directly at a later stage... It's plain highway, dull, long and erratic. Dig, dig and dig again the HUBB for more.

misterpaul 19 Aug 2011 10:04

I was lucky and got through while the ferry was still running so I'm not sure whether the hassle of Egyptian customs is worth it, but shipping to Kenya you miss a lot out.

If you're just going to ride down the road then give Egypt a miss, but if you want to see some antiquities there's nowhere else like it. Yes it's hot and dry in Sudan but a nice country to visit all the same. And Ethiopia is a bit like marmite, but no-one could deny an interesting experience however you feel about the place.

Going direct to Kenya then south I feel you'll miss a lot of the diversity Africa has to offer. I've no idea how possible / easy / difficult it would be but how about as a compromise going in at Djibouti?

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