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Harti 12 Sep 2007 02:37

Germany to USA
Hi everybody,

I want to ship my Yamaha XT 600 from anywhere in Germany to Washington, DC or Baltimore one way. No company I looked up tells me how much it is, unless I demand a price. So did anybody do it before and how much was it? I don't care if the bike you shipped was heavier or lighter, but it gives me an idea wheater it's closer to 1000 bucks or 5000.

Thanx, Harti

Ozrockrat 13 Sep 2007 13:26

Just shipped a bike sea freight UK to USA (Phoenix) for 390 pounds. I was quoted this for UK to Baltimore. Note handling fees on the US end will be about $350 approx. This was from Eimskip - Home

Arrival our depot in London or Bradford (Yorkshire) to arrival only depot in Baltimore

Freight 110 us dollars per cubic metre + 10% caf
b/l fee gbp 15
security gbp 2
Uk customs gbp 25
Uk handling gbp 15 per 2 cubic metres

Excludes USA handling/re loading, chassis fee and delivery documentation and customs clearance charges.
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