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MCP 9 Apr 2003 09:47

Does anyone know anything about having to have the crate fumigated when shipping from Vancouver to Rotterdam? I was told today by the Van agent that the crating must be done by a certfied crate builder, ???????.

Of course, the bike is half crated at this stage and is suppose to go on the truck tommorrow.

Any thoughts?



chris 9 Apr 2003 18:26

i believe your informant is trying to 'pull a fast one'. i.e. he is talking out of his a**e. Having shipped my bike from various places (cape town-ny, cairo-addis ababa, panama-ecuador), as long as the bike is clean (as in sponge and soapy water clean) it should be ok.

maybe check with the vancouver authorities.
good luck

Grant Johnson 10 Apr 2003 01:42

first we've heard of such a thing from Vancouver... and we live here...

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

MCP 10 Apr 2003 10:53


Originally posted by Grant Johnson:
first we've heard of such a thing from Vancouver... and we live here...


I'm not sure what the real story is, I got that through a company called National Cargo out of Richmond.

I spoke to the company in Amsterdam who I contracted to do the shipping, GlobeTrotters, and they said he's never had a problem and sent me the attached.

"Fumigation is only needed when you are using not threaded wood of the
needle-leaved tree. So when you are using wood for example bought by a
shopping centre there is no problem. I will quote a part of the FAQ of
the European Commision.

What material is subjected to the EU emergency measures?
The EU emergency measures apply to coniferous NMWP originating in
Canada, China, Japan and te USA. Non-manufactured Wood packing is meant
to be wood packing other than that comprised wholly of wood based
products such as ply-wood, particle board, oriented strand board,
veneer, wood wool, etc., which have been created using glue, heat and
pressure or a combination thereof.

So I hope this information will take away your concern.
I have done more motorcycles from Canada to Rotterdam without any

I shipped it today, so we will see.

PS. Great site, I got lots of good info.

PanEuropean 10 Nov 2003 09:51

I've run up against similar silly rules in the past, although once you start to look carefully at the reason behind the rule, it usually makes sense.

Seems what the Dutch are worried about is that someone will use scrap lumber to build a crate, and that scrap lumber might be infested with a wood beetle or other pest that would then be unknowingly brought to Holland in your crate (same way Dutch Elm disease got to North America from Holland).

I was planning to ship my moto from England to New York City two years ago, on the Cunard boat the QE II, and I was told the moto would need to be steam-cleaned with high pressure, high temperature steam before it was loaded in England - sounded crazy to me, but the reason was that the American were terrified of getting BSE (mad cow disease) from soil that might be trapped on my mudflap.

There was no way to avoid this, so I airfreighted the bike to Canada instead - the Canadians just wanted to make a visual inspection once the bike arrived in Toronto to make sure it was not caked with loose mud and cowsh*t.


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