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huertecilla 30 Nov 2002 03:17

From Northern Europe to Marocco
I'm Dutch, live in Andalucía and like to go offroading in Marocco.

Travelling from the Netherlands to Málaga is fairly straightforward;
1. By road, either through Lyon - Barcelona or the shorter route trough Bordeaux - Madrid. Fastest time I made was 24 hours.
2. Road and train: by car-train to Narbonne and ride through Barcelona. As you sleep during the night on the train the trip is not as exhaustive as 1.

Crossing to Marocco is usually from Algeciras but there is a, sofar non-mentioned ferry from Málaga to Melilla as well. There are two trips per day, morning or midday, but on sunday there is a night boat!

To me the option 2. and Málaga night boat seems ideal. Load the bike onto the train on friday, leisurely travel to Málaga on saturday check and prepare the bike on sunday, enter Marocco first thing monday morning!

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