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seouljoe 24 May 2012 13:11

Fresh Quote Genoa to Korea by air and sea quote
YUNI (Yun yonehee)
Sea sales & Customer Service

Via Monzese, 34
20060 Vignate (MI) - Italia
2 +39 02 3664 0702 , Dir. +39 02 3664 0722
+39 02 36640700 : yuni@cotalia.com

Ocean Freight ex Korean Forwarder in Milano
COMM: Harley Road King
W/M 330KG Nett 2.2m x 1.2x 1.1
POL: Milano warehouse
POD: Busan
FRT: 670 Euro basis LCL including packing, loading and all documentation. Excluding arrival import documentation fee.
Shipper: Han Jin Container Line (KoreanAir Group)

Air Cargo
DHL quote ex Frankfurt
POL Milano or Muenchen
1. MUC – ICN 2. Milano - ICN

DHL Frankfurt Motorcycle Team
Betr.: motorcycle transport,

weight: ca. 300,-kg (Volume weight ca. 630)
dims: lenght 264 x widht 111 x height 129 cm (crated)

Delivery: at DHL in MUC at DHL in Milano
pick up: at DHL in ICN at DHL in ICN

================================================== ============
Transport price: approx € 2.284,10 approx € 2.320,10

You only have to add the transport-insurance which is 1% of the value of the bike (as stated
on the customs documents). EUR 100,-- minimum.

This price will include the following:

*(only 1.) Pick up the bike in Munich
*(only 1.) Professional Packaging in a motorcycle transport Box
*Issuing of the dangerous goods certification
*Issuing of the customs documents in Germany
*Customs-clearance in Germany
*Airfreight FRA – ICN / MXB - ICN incl. all applicable fees as fuel-surcharges, security-surcharges
*Dangerous goods fee, X-Ray (unknown customer) etc.
*Handover of the bike in Seoul in our warehouse

The offer is based on the current fuel- and security-surcharges. Subject to change and to be valued at time of shipping.

This offer is based on the above mentioned dimensions and weight.

The fuel tank must be drained, the battery disconnected and the bike must be clean.

not included are the costs for: customs inspection, customs duties, duty, waiting time, storage fee and other costs which

are not named in this offer.

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