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frederic 31 Jan 2001 19:32

freight to australia
Please I need your help to find a solution to send the bike from Chili (santiago) to Australia (sydney) with an acceptable price.
For the moment the only solution are :
- lan cargo (by plan) +/- 2000 dollars
- consolidator (by boat) +/- 1500 dollars

Have a tips or a magic address ?

One again thanks for your help

sarah 5 Feb 2001 07:17

I did this from Santiago to Sydney in May 99. It cost nearly 1500 US and gave me a great deal of grey hair. I chose sea freight for the money factor.
The bike arrived nearly 2 months later than promised. The crate was a mess and lots of things broken and stolen.
My advice? Go by air and check out DHL - a mate used them to do the same and had very little hassle.

Good luck

mark travers 6 Feb 2001 01:00

I had a similar situation getting my bike from Sydney to London last year. Plane was too expensive, and it was looking like sea would be the same. I looked at taking it to Europe, but the cost to London was half as much - only 6 weeks and $684Aus, including insurance. Perhaps you could look at riding it somewhere and catching the return leg of a journey with a ship that came from Aus. I haven't got the telephone number with me, but I used Worldwide Shipping in Sydney - if you can find the appropriate number, ask for Arthur, as he was very helpful, giving me tips to lower my costs. With abit of luck he can point you in the right direction, as 1500 US dollars sounds way too high to me!!
Good Luck - may the force be with you!


noiles 1 May 2001 08:03

World Wide Shipping Services Pty Ltd
..Forwdng Agnts 1617 Botany Rd Botany 2019 (02) 9666 4222

hope this helps. i was quoted $1493 + 2.65% of the value of the bike for insurance. arthur is away for 2 weeks on holidays but the other guys there are great too.


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