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leon en Jolanda 27 May 2002 12:58

flying or shipping from Australia to Chili
Does anybody has information over flying or shipping two yahama XT600 to santiago, chili from Australia. We want to know: prices, safety,duration,port taks , bakshees etc.

El Penguino 28 May 2002 05:30

If its any help to you I met a coupla bikers in Argentina who had arrived via Oztraylia .

They paid 400 Australian each from Darwin to Chile , for r80 and r100 type bikes , and that included crating . Yes I know , pretty reasonable .

Costs in Valparaiso were minimal , and it took a month .

Sorry , I donĀ“t have their email addresses so I can`t get you a company name or anything .


Susan Johnson 28 May 2002 05:51

Mika Kuhn flew his bike from Sydney to Buenos Aires using Qantas cargo in Feb/02. His experience and costs ($US 1,200) should be relevant to Chile as well, and Qantas is recommended for air shipments.

and search on Australia to Argentina

Stefan Uch sea shipped from Auckland to Santiago, also in Feb, 2002, using a company called Jas Jenners, which is an international company which also has Australian offices. The sailings were every fortnight from NZ, and transit times 25 days. His cost was US$550, but not sure whether that included port costs in South America, nor what his experience was with clearing the bike in Santiago.

Jas Jenner's website is kludgy, but http://www.jasjenners.co.nz/Jas%20Offices/Offices.htm will get you to a screen where you can get contact details for any city in Australia.

For a brief summary of the air vs. sea shipping debate, see this page:


We generally recommend air shipment unless you are not in a hurry at the other end (i.e. a delay of weeks won't bother you), AND speak the local language and/or are prepared to pay baksheesh to get the bike out of the port. Quite a few travellers report later that they saved very little sending by sea, once port charges were added in to the costs.

If air shipping, you may not have to crate the bike, depending on the airline. For sea shipping, you certainly will have to. That also adds to the weight and costs.

If shipping by sea, use a large reputable company with their own staff at both locations, as dealing with local agents can be an exercise in frustration as well.

Good luck and let us know how you go!

Susan Johnson

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