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stue 9 May 2002 05:11

Flying bikes from Mongolia to India
If anyone has any information about flying 5 bikes and people from either Ulaan Baatar or Irkutsk over to Delhi or Kathmandu, I'd love to hear from you. The airlines of the area have not been of much help. Any rough prices would also be appreciated

Markus 24 May 2002 00:31

Just don't do it from Mongolia, because there are not a lot of possibilitys. Mongol Airtrans (Mr. Horosulen) was the only company who did it when I had to fly my bike outh of the country in 2000 because of a broken ankle. They rip you off, because there is no other reliable way to get a bike outh of the country!
I beleve Vladivostock is the better choice!

stue 28 May 2002 02:45

Gday Markus

Thanks for your reply!
Do you know anything about flying from Irkutsk? We are travelling from London to Australia. Going to Vladivostok would add to much time on to the trip and we want to go to Nepal. Which route did you take? We are trying to work out our time scale for Ukrine- St Petersburg- Murmansk-Moscow-Irkutst/Ulaan Bataar,India.(Visa etc). It doesn't seem like a route often travelled. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, India, SE Asia, OZ. Any Info would be appreciated!

mika 14 Jun 2002 08:02


good idea to travel india/nepal and also russia/mongolia. I did it in 2000.

from nepal I wanted to fly the bike to mongolia - over Seoul 3000USD only for the bike.

I ended up flying the bike from Delhi to Almaty in Kasakstan - Air Kazakhstan about 300USD + 500 USD Customsbribes. see the ezine for more details, or my website. But if you would go from Almaty to Delhi (one flight a week) maybe you would pay in Delhi 500 Rupees to get the bikes out.

Now another possibility for you guys. You could fly the bikes from Irkutsk over Moscow to Delhi with Russian Aeroflott. Love the Adventure ? They take bikes and maybe you can get a cheap deal, maybe.

my website: www.weltreise-motorrad.de for more - sorry most of it in German.

From Peru all the best to you



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