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Catweasel 2 Feb 2010 21:54

so...heya :)

current plan is to fly my bike from Munich to Toronto, ride around the US and then..come back.

I'm being quoted about $2k USD to fly the bike (one way), plus the cost of my seat (on the same plane).

For insurance I'm being quoted about $800 USD although this was from July 1st to end August (should drop down once I narrow the dates..I hope). Yankee insurance seems a tad more complex than European but it has Body, property, collision, stuff that isn't collision, Uninsured Motorist Cover (so I'm insuring against those people who hit me that aren't insured) and then Underinsured... the list goes on.

To this I'll add travel insurance...

My questions are..what am I missing?

me and my bike end up in Canada with insurance...can I just bimble to the border and ride around? did I miss something?

Am I paying like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over the odds? I have no baseline other than quotes.

Am I being "smart"?

I bow to the collective wisdom of the forum :) and offer my thanks in advance.

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