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Dodgydago 14 May 2007 06:41

Dehli Customs; any experience? advice? help?
I'm goin to fly the bike and myself from Kyrgysz to Dehli, India.
The Kyrgyzs Charter airline is confident they can help clear customs, but haven't the fainest idea what papers are needed.
A clearing agent in Dehli told me the needed paperwork but don't seem interested (Carnet, copies and orig of vehicle docs, Passport and visa and a 'letter from an automotive association explaining the purpose of the tour'). Also, I dont want to make double arrangements (airline + inde clearing agent)

Any Advice? Will be much appreciated.

Any idea if I can do the customs clearing myself?
I read sometime ago that someone teared all his hair off before he could clear there but can't find the thread.

Regards from Bishkek


Dodgydago 7 Jun 2007 13:35

Shipping to Delhi
I rode off Delhi IG International airport two days ago.
I hope this info is of some help to someone.
The bike was sent as accompanying luggage. It was not indicated like that on the airway bill, which say VEHICLE FOR PERSONAL USE.
I arrived on a Thursday night. The Indian partner of the airline took until Saturday morning to give me the Segregated Report. It was them that caused delay because customs are closed for the Week End.

To clear customs you need the segregated report your Carnet de Passages, the bike documentation, valid Indian visa and Passport and a valid driving license for motorcycles.
Make two or three photocopies of all the documents (or you will have to queue for the copier at the staff canteen).
To initiate the process go to the NEW CUSTOMS building, a mile or so from the tourist terminals, passed the cargo area. Opens at ten, from Monday to Friday; closes on Week Ends.
Go to the second floor at the NEW CUSTOMS building to the BONDS Office. There they will receive your paperwork and initiate the process.
At six or seven in the eve that night I could ride the bike away and returned the next day to collect my carnet the passage and documentation.
If you ship to Delhi, bring earplugs!

bunnypunia 8 Jun 2007 09:04

good to know u got the bike without much hassels
i had met bill and becky (rtw couple on a transalp), and they had no issues with the customs at the airport.

which bike is it? what are ur immediate plans?

Dodgydago 9 Jun 2007 15:29

Delhi airport
It's a Dakar.
Welllll... there where some issues. THe airport handling must have dropped it and broke the windscreen and made a dent on one of the Touratech Panniers.
I almost lost it with the 'Procedure' to claim damages.
Mi guess is that in india they have too much people and they entertain them by doing loads of paperwork and going from office to office.

Said so, all the people there where nice, helpfull and polite. I can only have nice things to say about them, save for 'The Procedure'
Mr. Radis in Bonds did more than one extra effort to get me on the road as soon as possible and the Superintendent for cargo really went out of his way to give me the bike the same day. The same can be said of the people at security that have to investigate why was the bike damaged. (It wasn't crated. The Kyrgizs don't have any demands on that, nor any facilities).
I'm in Mandi up North in Uttranchal Pradesh, heading to Leh or to Daramsala.
Are you around here?

bunnypunia 16 Jun 2007 10:41

mandi is in himachal pradesh, u got the state name wrong
leh - every bikers dream! all the best

im in south india , city called mumbai in maharashtra state

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