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dhrbijvoet 6 Oct 2004 15:32

customs charges in Callao / Peru
Hey All,

I shipped my bike to Calloa in Lima peru. My bike will arrive on Nov. 1st. I will arrive just before.

The lady from the customs broker office tells me that the costs of temporarily importing my bike will be:

Handling : US $ 60.00
Unstuffing : 140.00
Certificate : 50.00
Port Charges: 100.00
Warehouse : 190.00
Customs Brocker: 100.00

This is outragious, who has been to calloa? Can you tell me what you paid?

mmaarten 12 Oct 2004 19:09


When shipping by sea you usually get charged high fee,s in the receiving port. Often as much as the original shipping-bill.

I know it won,t help you much knowing this... but at least you know now the fee,s are "normal".

Check shipping by air next time... since you have no fee,s at the receiving side... sometimnes it,s even cheaper then by sea.

You could try to "arange" some of the work yourself to eliminate some fee,s (like the cusatoms broker) but this is dificult and may increase the time needed to get your bike out which might result in higher warehouse-charges.

It,s shitty, but that,s how ports operate.

Good luck

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Macianov 20 Jul 2013 15:36

I am also shipping my ATwin to Callo and Cargo MAster wants to charge me 1,900$ !!!!!! I can call this just "stealing"
What is the name and contact email of your logistic operator in Callao as I prefer to pay 590$ than 1,900$ so I will like to ask him for a quote. I will be able to tell you how it works out as my motorbike will arrive to callao before yours
Many thanks

If somebody has any other suggestion about logistic operators in Callao please let me know, this is quite urgent as my motorbike arrives this Friday 26
Many thanks!!!

marksgone 21 Jul 2013 23:33

Hi guys,
aahh, the memories! I have just got my bike out of Callao (well start of June anyway) and would not recommend this process to anyone. That advice of course will not help you now!
$590, whether you think it fair or not, is around the price you will have to pay. I did it myself, ie not through a broker, and ended up paying around $650, there will be some hidden costs before you finish.
I feel that $1900 is too much. To my knowledge there are only two wherehouses in Callao, DP World and Neptunia (this was mine). I dealt with them direct after paying the necessary charges to the local agent nominated by my Australian shipper. See if you can deal direct with the warehouse but you WILL need your bill of lading stamped by the importing agent (this will cost you money but my guy tried to automatically assume that I wanted them to act as my broker) Maybe this is happening to you. Just ask to pay the absolute minimum to get your BOL back with the correct stamp on it.
Apart from the cash for me it was the aduana that gave me 5 days of needless frustration. Make sure you have your paperwork in order before you submit it. I think there is a page on their web site with a full list of the paper required. One of which is a notarized letter stating what you want to do and copies of almost every document you submit, they will send you away time and time again until you are ready to head butt the bastards. The guy you will need to deal with is Saul, a real wanker based out of window 43 (at least I think that was the window). Take a big fat book and a bag of patience with these guys. Other wise, pay someone to do it and cop the financial beating.
Also I was not asked for any SOAT at any point even though I had purchased it (you will need it anyway) I looked everywhere for a months worth as everyone wanted to sell me a full year. Go to MAPFRE near Miraflores and save your self the run around. Costs 67s/
Callao is a dodgy area, keep yourself aware. There is better transport to the port from Lima central than Miraflores and you will have to carry cash on you. Aduana is open from around 8:30, get there early and enjoy the franticness. Go straight to counter 43 and get the party started. They dont speak english and my spanish is not good = added frustration.
There is not much you can really do until the bike actually arrives. There is a good post on here from a german guy with clear details of how to navigate the challenges. If you have any questions then PM me and .....

....... GOOD LUCK

ps - headbutt Saul for me!

Macianov 23 Jul 2013 16:51

Many many thanks for you great reply. This is super useful. Just a couplebof questions. Do you know more or less the slplit of costs? How much did tou pay to get your BOL and how much for customs, etc.
Many thanks

ta-rider 23 Jul 2013 17:24


Originally Posted by dhrbijvoet (Post 12115)
Handling : US $ 60.00
Unstuffing : 140.00
Certificate : 50.00
Port Charges: 100.00
Warehouse : 190.00
Customs Brocker: 100.00

Wow thats more then i payed to buy a bike in Chile:


Macianov 23 Jul 2013 22:22

From the costs bellow, which of them do you have to pay before you get your bill of lading stamped?
Many thanks

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