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joshoisasleep 4 Jun 2009 20:02

Currently in Cartagena - container share wanted
Hi all,
Sitting here in Cartagena with everything sorted out in regards to shipping but looking to share a container with somebody to get costs down. If you want to get your car to Panama, we are here with sailing schedule and costs and ready to split a container ASAP.

Costs are looking like roughly $1400 all-in between us, so $700 per car after container rental, stuffing, loading, unloading.

Please contact ASAP! First boat we have is going on the 12th with Seaboard Marine, apparently they go every Friday.

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doschinos 22 Mar 2011 03:07

Container Share in Cartagena
We are in Colombia now and have a bike that we will arrange shipping from Cartagena to Panama. Anyone wants to share a container? Very useful tip posted above.

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