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alexandra 26 Jan 2011 20:30

crate(s) for 2 bikes in Sydney /Australia
Hi there,

we are looking for 1 or 2 crates for our 2 motor bikes, which we want to ship from Sydney to Malaysia.
The shipping company is already fixed but we have to organize the crating.
Asking several bike shops in Sydney, wasn' t successful (we haven't checked the Harley Davidson dealer yet)
A crating company wants to have nearly 1000.- AUD (ridicolous).

Any idea where we cold get 2 crates (LxWxH 230 x 70 x 132 cm & 230 x 80 x 132 cm) or only one crate (230 x150 x 132 cm).

We want to sip th bikes beginning of April and are currently in New Zealand, coming back to Sydney on the 3rd of April).

Thank for any help

Alexandra & Andre

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