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goggstrotters 27 Apr 2005 08:19

Colombia to Panama
expecting to leave Colombia for Panama sometime around the end of May, is there anybody else wanting to ship around the same time...perhaps someone has already arranged a private boat and needs more people ¿

otherwise what´s the latest on flying out of Bogota.


mattpope 11 May 2005 05:41

Crikey you guys are flying these days! Girag is still the best flying option or maybe the Cartegena yacht club for a boat.

I will be back in Colombia early June if all goes to plan. Maybe see you there!

Take care,


goggstrotters 11 May 2005 20:36

hi matt, yer as you know need to get to alaska before the snows come.

perhaps we will get to see you in colombia though, all depends on our shipping, etc.

where at you now...in deepest amazonian rainforest ¿¿

goggstrotters 20 May 2005 00:46

is it possible to fly from Barranquilla in Northern Colombia into Panama city with Girag or is it only from Bogota.

GlobeBusters 25 May 2005 05:22

Hi Goggs

How are you doing Looking forward to seeing you in Alaska in August!

Anyway, to biz. We asked about this option, (other way round) for flying from Panama City to Barranquilla, but were told it was not possible, only had the Bogota option. Only other thing to consider is carrying on to Venezuela and flying out from Caracus to Panama City. We did this (reverse way round). Chris & Erin Ratay also used this option - www.ultimatejourney.com.

Got the new AMH and see you are "featured in" it! Jeff C is over here 26th June and flies to Seattle to meet our support vehicle on 7 July, in case you might like to hook up with him.

If you want contacts in Colombia, see Camillo Delgado www.ruta40.com

Have fun!, J&K

goggstrotters 25 May 2005 06:54

hi out there,

i got a reply from Girag cargo and they confirm they can only offer the service out of Bogota. they are quoting $350 including the $75 DG certificate. i'm not sure if this is a flat rate for bikes or whether it will change according to the weight, i will let you know.

what date are you expecting to be in Anchorage, we are still planning to be there on time, incidents permitting !

hi jeff, hope to see you on the way up.....you can carry our gear !!. will be in touch mate.

GlobeBusters 25 May 2005 14:28


Will be in Anchorage on 21 July. Jeff C flies into Seatlle 7 July and will drive up to Anchorage to meet us there for 21 July (provided all goes to plan)


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