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Stephan Solon 23 Feb 2001 12:00

Cheapish flights from LA to Sydney
Not only can getting a bike from the US to Australia cost an arm and a leg, so can getting yourself there. I managed to get a good deal from a company called Welch Travel Service this month. US$1000 for a return ticket from LA to Sydney on Air Pacific via Fiji. This was far less than anyone else could offer within one week of flying but these kind of deals are probably rare. I think Welch have some sort of arrangement with Air Pacific however as I was put on to them by Air Pacific themselves. The only small catch was I had to pay in cash. I used a money order from the US Postal Service who could take the money using my UK debit card (NatWest).

Welch Travel Service
435 San Mateo Avenue
San Bruno
CA 94066

Tel: (650) 876 1945
Fax: (650) 876 1875

I don't have an email address but a useful contact there is the Managing Director, Wahab Ali. I dealt with him directly.

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