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Lenz2 2 Sep 2008 14:20

Central Asia to Bangkok?
Me and my travel partner, are currently stuck in Central Asia due to the Chinese shutting the door in our faces! We'd organised all the paperwork for the bikes with a Chinese travel agent in Kashgar, so we could ride through to Pakistan onto the KKH starting 6th September. But with Torgorat Pass closed, the only option left is to put the bikes onto a truck and have them transported as 'goods' to Pakistan. Now after a recent phone call to the agent, even this option's looking shakey, with no guarantees to get through without further hassle and costs. To save my rather stretched patience and travel budget am now considering getting me and the bike directly to Thailand, where life should be hopefully a bit easier. With visas set to expire within a couple of weeks, need to get things moving one way or another. I've been through the shipping section of the HUBB and can see nothing in this region. So if anyone can put me in touch with a shipping agent in either Bishkek, Osh or Almaty, who can get me to Bangkok would be really grateful. Thanks in advance. Lenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Len Jones)

tnt go east 3 Sep 2008 10:08

Trouble on the Touragart
Sorry to hear youre troubles... those damned Chinese!!!!

Dont mish Pakistan if you can help it, its just fantastic... proper boys own adventures.

I know things have gone pearshaped in Afghanistan recently but i went throu 2 years ago with no trouble. From Tajikistan its 3 days max to pakistan.

Failing that try David Bergkof at STANTOURS - Central Asia Travel Resources hes based in Almaty but knows the whole area well

good luck


Lenz2 3 Sep 2008 11:44

Pakistan ...
Thanks for that Tim ...

yeah I'd be really disappointed to miss out on Pakistan, but would be surprised if I could afford to fly me n bike to Pakistan, ride around in that part of the world, the ship again to Thailand in a couple of months time ....

Have had more info' back from the agent in Kashgar and still don't have a complete package at reasonable cost. Right now, costs are running around 2000 Euro's to get me and my mate with our two bikes through .... That's a lot of money, for what's not even a ride-through!!!!

We're off to Bishkek tomorrow, in the hope of sorting something out. Will target the airport, though not too good at Russian, so anything could happen (or indeed nothing).


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