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granote 2 Apr 2009 22:03

Cartagena to Panama by ship....
Anyone has info about shipping a bike from Cartagena to Panama by ship???? Cost, trip duration, frecuencies....and If is possible, a contact i Cartagena.
I'll enter Colombia via Ecuador, what abaut insurace??? Is possible to get one in the border???

Thanks a lot.

Captain Adventure 5 Apr 2009 21:54

Hi there,
I just made the passage from Panama to Cartagena on 24-28 March, 2009 on the Stahlratte. They love bikers. Passenger with bike just went up to $750. Food was good (included). Beer was extra. Crew was great. Seas were rough for 2 days.

They have a website you can google. Ludwig is the Captain. Best way to move bikes if you don't mind the sea sickness.


granote 5 Apr 2009 22:32

Ei thanks!!!!

I'll take alook to this!!!

seeadler 15 Apr 2009 19:20

boat to panama
hi jordi,
there is one boat leaving cartagena on the 25th of april to panama-mainland,
for more info contact Backpacker Hostel Wunderbar - Home

Singaporedream 27 Apr 2009 02:57

Hi guys... i might be stucked.

now im in Tulcan, Ecuador-columbia border. (26april09)

i want to sail to Panama from Cartagena BUT panama embassy issued my wife with a visa that will expire on 17may2009. that means we have to be in panama before that date. applying for a panama is hell lots of work and it takes 5 weeks to wait....(my friend holding a turkish passport took him 4 months to get one).

i checked hostel wunderbar, all the ship are coming from panama to cartagena. non are in that time.

Stahlratte is leaving Cartagena on 30 april 09 and i dont think i can reach there in 4 days hard riding.

is there some other boat in club nautica that will take "walk in customers"? are those boat there safe? have anyone uses them before?


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