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17 Mar 2001 16:48

Capetown to UK
Anyone know of any good relible shipping companies.

Also what is the likly cost of flying the bike back to the UK?


Susan Johnson 18 Mar 2001 18:29


Don't know of anyone who's done it from Cape Town to UK, but Chris Bright did it from Cape Town to New York, and his Cape Town contact details are on the Shipping page - see below for the link.

Travellers have had good results with Panalpina, who are worldwide. Their Cape Town address is:

Safcor Panalpina
Bolt Avenue
Montague Gardens
Milnerton 7441
Phone: +27 (21) 5506500
Fax: +27 (21) 5511973

We flew our bike from Cape Town to Buenos Aires in November, 1997, with South African Airways cargo. Don't know what the rand is worth now, but our cost worked out to US$1,000. for 559 kg in the crate.

Hope this helps.

Susan Johnson
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Joost Borry 13 Apr 2001 19:22

Antramar shipping cpy from Antwerp (Belgium) picks up stuff in UK in passing. www.antramar.be (or com ?)

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