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Kurt Ellul 12 Sep 2002 07:57

Canada to Europe
I was wondering if anyone can connect me with a shipper or a freightliner that will accept my motorcycle as cargo and me as a passenger on the same vessel. I plan to leave in May 2003.

Grant Johnson 22 Sep 2002 08:25

Umm, the QE2 will... Seasrch the HUBB for QE2 and I think you'll find some info. It's been done, and price wasn't bad.

Otherwise, VERY difficult - a common dream, usually dashed. Freighters are now just that, and few have any interest in taking passengers. There are a very few, but tend to be shockingly expensive anyway. It's generally cheaper to fly.

Note: I have moved your post - it was in the wrong forum, and wouldn't have been noticed. It's now in the Trip Transport forum.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

PanEuropean 7 Oct 2002 09:03

Kurt, I shipped my moto from New York to Southampton, England this spring on the QE II. The cost was pretty reasonable - I found a cheap fare for my own transport on the QE II (about CAD 1,000 for me) and Cunard charged an additional CAD 1,600 to transport the motorcycle.

I really wanted to experience the trip on the QE II, which was why I chose to ship the bike that way. It was very trouble-free - I just rode the bike onto the ship in New York, and rode off in England. However, be aware that you need to dress formally (tuxedo) for dinner on the ship, which means buying and packing the clothes, shoes, etc.

Shipping the bike and yourself by air is cheaper and faster, unless, of course, you really want to try out the QE II as a passenger. It was an enjoyable trip, I liked it, but I don't think I would do it a second time.

FYI I live in Toronto also, and arranged all my travel through an agent in the Willowdale area.

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