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earthwizard 25 Mar 2006 03:48

buying a motorcycle in the usa and touring
i was wondering if anyone can help me, im toying with the idea of instead of shipping my own bike from the uk to usa(cost about 700 uk pounds)of buying a bike in the u.s and then touring around the americas.for about 1200 dollars surly i can buy a bike(rough equivalent of shipping). can i insure a bike in the u.s even tho im a non resident(i suspect a few problems there). the biggest bonus for me in all this is no shipping worries and of course my own bike takes no wear and tear http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif.if anyone can help i would be most greatful.also just thought of another problem having a international licence(uk) is this a problem also.

yuma simon 28 Mar 2006 01:38

I am not quite certain of the licensing issues, but it couldn't hurt to get an international license. You need to check the state that you would like to start out in, as each of the 50 states has its own requirements. In general, you can purchase a bike as long as you have an address to use. A seller of the bike can let you use their address. Most states let you release interest in the vehicle when you sell it, and the new owner is completely responsible. If I was to sell you a bike, I would sign the title over to you, releasing me from all interest in the vehicle. You could register the bike using my address, but you would be completely responsible for it at the point of sale, as well as registration and obtaining insurance. I would run a search of the Department of Motor Vehicles for the particular state you wish to start out in to make sure that its as simple as I told you.

earthwizard 28 Mar 2006 18:51

thank you for the info above and i will certainly look into that, was most interested about the registration part and again thank you.....

kbikey 28 Mar 2006 19:54

You might find something cheap as $1200 that would last for your trip if you aren't planning to cover much ground. But in the USA milage mounts quickly.I went west from Ky. to the grand canyon and around Colorado and back, that was 8000 miles. California and back on two lane roads with some meandering was 8500 miles.
I've bought acouple of KLR 650s in the last 3 years for around $1200 each but they have needed the usual,chains,sprockets,tires,filters,oil changes,batterys,air filters,caliper rebuilds,master cylinder rebuilds,etc. just small things that take time and some expence.
I'm not trying to discourage you but maybe I can help you to be a little more realistic.
If you consider that you would have to ship your bike both ways f1400 = $2400 is much more like what adecent bike is going to cost. Of course selling at the end of the trip wil reclaim some of your investment.
Let me know if aKLR will suit you,thats the plan for one of mine.

ride,smile,repeat as nessasary

yuma simon 29 Mar 2006 07:16

Kbikey has a very valid point. The interstates run at 70 to 75 mph, and of course the traffic runs higher than that. I have suggested before that if you aren't worried about doing the limit, or want to explore some of the more back routes that have slower speed limits, a $1200 bike can be had on Ebay, but it is 200cc and made in China. Some of the more well known makes are Lifan or Zongshen, or are made by these two for such brands as Jetmoto, KPX, Tank, etc. There is a Lifan branded bike that sold by www.hooperimports.com . He quotes $1495 including shipping, and the bike looks nicer than the other GY-200's out there. The other catch with each state having their own department of motor vehicles is what they will licence for the street. Arizona is quite easy to street register most anything, (including ATV's and those little sand rail dune buggys) which includes the Lifan model as they are federally permitted, but California is very particular about what they will street register, and they will not street register that particular Lifan model. Jetmoto brand is a Lifan-built bike that they put their own logo on that you can obtain for about $1200 shipped. I think their site is www.jetmoto.biz . They will sell you a bike directly from their site. If you do go this route, check out Ebay, too, but if it is too cheap, it probably is too good to be true. If you buy a bike new from one of the Chinese manufacturers, have it shipped from one state to another, and you won't be charged sales tax. And I wouldn't suggest to purchase one of these in California as they won't street register it. If you want to go the cruiser route, Lifan makes a Yamaha Virago 250 clone that can be had for around $2000 brand new. One seller on Ebay has it listed for $1650 plus $350 shipping. That business' email is neonbikes@hotmail.com and phone # is 415-254-0417. I know that many people will be aghast that I suggested the Chinese made bikes due to their (supposed inferior) quality, but if you don't have alot of $$ to spend, and would like a new bike, it couldn't hurt to research this route. Hope this helps, and whatever you do, have a safe and good ride. Look me up if you plan to come through the very southern desert route of California, Arizona, New Mexico and want to go south of the border.

earthwizard 29 Mar 2006 18:08

first let me say thankyou for the posts above, 1st i didnt know about the diferance in state laws concerning motorbikes so that was somthing to consider, from what i have read above and futher googling i have done, i have now come to the conclusion it is less hasle to fly my own out than to buy when abroad.also a close friend of mine who has done a touch of travling in his time suggested it would be better to go on a bike i am very familar with both mechanicaly (i built it from scratch)and im proficient riding on. again thank you for all your help,as a sub note the diferance in size between uk and usa i didnt think of when thinking of mileage each bike had done compaired to the age of the bike when buying a bike, for instance a well rode bike ten years old in the uk would have done about 35-38000 miles where as in the usa a bike of similar age will of done about 20,000 more on average from what i have been told.

yuma simon 30 Mar 2006 01:34

It sounds like you made the best choice. I still intend to purchase a new "cheap" Chinese enduro bike and see how far I can go on it, and review the good and bad. I will be sticking relatively close to home to ride in California, Arizona, and south into both Sonora and Baja, Mexico. Have a safe and good ride when you do come.

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