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forestry 16 Nov 2008 13:54

Bike Hire Morocco
Can anyone give me details of anyone hiring bikes in Morocco?

Caporider 19 Dec 2008 17:27

Struggling to find Motorbike Hire in Morocco
My mate and I are planning to fly to Morocco (Agadir) in March 2009 for a week of on/off road biking :funmeteryes:. We are happy to pay sensible rates but are struggling to find companies who can help through the interweb:helpsmilie:.

Who do you know who can help...?


Tim Cullis 20 Dec 2008 13:29

Peter at Bikershome Offroad Centre (based in Ouarzazate) can sort you out. It's relatively easy to get a Supratours or CTM bus from Agadir to Ouarzazate, this link gives an idea of what's involved and Peter will advise.

You can also hire in Marrakeck from loc2roues location motos scooters quads marrakech maroc

Finally I met three German guys who'd hired in Agadir and were riding an XT660 and a couple of Transalps, so there must be something local.


locoformotos 20 Jan 2009 21:53

Morocco Motorcycle Hire
We can help; on and off road motorcycle holidays and adventure tours in spain, portugal and morocco
Based in Marrakech, all hire starts and finishes at our Marrakech base.
All the best,

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