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Jtw000 14 Dec 2011 12:45

Bali to Australia
A friend has asked me about shipping a bike directly from Bali to Australia, preferably Darwin. He's stuck in Indonesia and the weather is not on his side and I think his enthusiasm is dying off. Can anyone recommend a company, airport or otherwise procedure for getting a bike from there? Cheers boys and girls.

pecha72 14 Dec 2011 13:28

I´ve shipped by air from Bali (to Perth). But I don´t recommend doing it, because first of all it was expensive. Or to be more specific, the critical point will probably be, can you find an aircraft, where the loading doors are big enough to load your bike/crate. We couldn´t, and so it flew Bali->Melbourne->Perth, a total flight time of around 10 hours, whereas the direct flight was only 3 hours. You can imagine, what that does to the costs!! I don´t know, if you´d be in a better position, if you wanted to fly to Darwin.

It should also be possible to get the bike on a truck to Surabaya (Java) and then by sea to Oz, but expect that to take 4-5 weeks.

The cheapest and most hassle-free option still would be to go to Dili, and use Perkins cargo ship from there, I think.

More details here (starting from about the lowest 1/3rd of the text there):
MOTO1 - Matkalla

edit. (we were originally going to Darwin, but a couple of Aussies convinced us, that weather-wise Perth was better, because the north had had a very bad rainy season... but this was back in February -08).

gozell 15 Dec 2011 03:24

Not heard about direct shipping from Bali to Oz, cando from East-Timor.

Alternatively air freight or find long term parking ;)

What bike does your friend drive? What about selling it to me ;) - I live in Lombok.

Jtw000 15 Dec 2011 16:25

fully loaded KTM 990. Not a small bike... He'll be thrilled to hear this

woody 16 Dec 2011 00:29

bikes abroad
google bikes abroad speak to ivan...forget the rest,this guy will help u out

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