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rhinoculips 11 Jan 2007 02:28

Attention! Sailboat from Panama to Columbia - Mid-Feb. '07
Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone heading south from Panama in late Feb. '07. There is a large sailboat, named Stahl Ratte, leaving mid-feb. from Portobello(maybe Colon), Panama and heading to Cartagena, Columbia. She a large 126' Schooner and the Captain is willing to take motorcycles. I know for sure he will take one motorcycle and since its a large boat with plenty of deck space, I am sure he would take more. Cost is $250 per bike and $270 per person. I would be on it, but it would be a long month wait and Bolivia is calling.


info.steelrat ATTtTTT es-raisting DOOOOTTT de
sailingvessel schooner STAHLRATTE

Safe travels everyone. Hope to see you on the road.


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Smellybiker 21 Feb 2007 19:50

I'm in Cartagena & have been looking into this.

Stahlratte emailed me today, right now they're in Panama & their shuttle service will start again at the end on March.

By all accounts its a great boat, so if you can wait that long its your best bet.

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