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Mike51 23 Apr 2009 13:32

Argentina or Chile to Mexico by Air?
Trying to plan the best conclusion to a trip down thru Central and South America. Possible end points there are Argentina or Chile, thinking return by air to Mexico and then ride on home to New Mexico.

This may be too weird to hope that somebody has done something similar recently, but hey -- you never know, yes?


guaterider 23 May 2009 00:09

try this website Motoaventuras.net - Un lugar de reunión para motociclistas en la red


Nttra 6 Jun 2009 09:19

Hi Mike
Last month I returned from my trip trough South America, but I had to leave my bike in Brazil because of a mechanical failure. I´m now planning to bring home my bike by Air (Flying maybe from South Brazil/ to Mexico City).
I know a friend in South brazil who shipped his bike from Miami to brazil for under 1,500 USD. And I´m planning to do alike shipping for my bike.
Should you be interested in the contact, don´t hesitate to let me know
Best regards

Mike51 13 Jun 2009 05:06

thnx much both for the tips. we're still in "trip planning" (departing on/about mid January, 3 month expected duration), and now starting to think that the smarter move would be to ship bikes to Argentina and then ride home, vice the other way round. just seems like a lot less flogging around with the various officials. plus arriving back through Mex to New Mex in late spring (northern hemisphere) would be a plus.

again -- mny thnx -- still noodling the best plan...

judgejoe 14 Jun 2009 01:27

My wife and I have considered over land from US to Argentina. We have also investigated air from US (Miami) to Argentina with the intention of riding back. This is the results with Centurion out of Miami. According to their agent, Ms. Acosta, they do not have service to Bogata, Colombia. I do not know about Chile. We would be leaving, if by air, in January 2010. Here was the agents directions: First, we have to crate it; Second, based on a container 28" wide, 48" high, and 95" long, weighing 500 pounds, the cost is $1398.00. My measurements were only an estimate. The agent also sent me an attachment describing documents that were necessary for US customs for exporting the vehicle. You can contact them by emailing cacosta@lanchile.com. I have not done any comparisons with others so I will be interested in what developes on this thread. I have contacted the agent about the crate requirements and if there is a crating service there.

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