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memomemo 24 Jan 2010 16:24

Any contacts or advices shipping bike from Chennai to Bangkok?
Hey all..

I just had my first price offer from a cargo company about shipping the bike from Chennai-India to Bangkok..And i am not happy. If i didnt calculate wrong it is about 900 USD!..Is this normal guys?

Weight: Around 220 kgs
2 CBM (estimate)

The required “carnet” is already there for the motorcycle.

The ocean freight Chennai - Bangkok : $20/CBM
B/L Fee : $25
Terminal :$25
Packing Charges : $155 approx
Carnet Formalities : $75
Customs Clearance : $90
Handling :$55

Destination charges (Bangkok)
Customs clearance = usd 130/shipment
Customs fee =usd 10/set
Thc usd 12/ cbm
Cfs usd 12/cbm
Status =usd 5/cbm
Handling usd 35/set
D/O fee = usd 40/set
Transport from port to warehouse = usd 65/trip
Warehouse charges/15 days = usd 78
EDI Customs =usd50/set
Services charges =usd 50/shipment

I am planning to go Andaman's without the bike while the bike is on the way. If i do this i have to pay 78 USD more for 15 days warehouse fee..

The company is TSL. I heard them from HU. But now i will check some Air cargo i think.

I will be appreciated if anyone makes any comments or give any other cargo company contacts about this route.



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