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rtwdoug 18 Jan 2006 03:21

Air shipment, Japan to Alaska?
I'm doing a RTW trip starting in April. By august, I figure to be in Japan, and need to get me & the bike to AK. If AK isnt possible, then I'll just have to go to the west coast somewhere.
Any advice or tips greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Doug


Chris of Japan 18 Jan 2006 08:51

Here is a list of air freight forwarders in Japan

Start e-mailing or calling them for quotes, giving metric size and weight measurements.
I think you will find that freight to somewhere in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Vancouver, Portland) will be much less than to Anchorage. There are few direct flights from Japan to Alaska even for passengers, so I assme the same will be for cargo.

macosie 16 Feb 2006 06:32

Don't be down on shipping to Anchorage. Last time I flew in there there were tonnes of 747 Cargo planes lined up. I was told that Alaska is a hubb to Cargo. Don't really understand why, but the planes are there. Check it out anyway.

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