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Sheonagh 28 Oct 2009 23:25

Air freighting UK to Panama
We plan to leave end November for Panama.

I've had quotes from Globe Air Cargo (part of ECS European Cargo Services) - has anybody used them?

Also from James Cargo - I read the long disastrous thread about one trip - has anybody had good experience recently with them since the one in January?

Am waiting for a quote from Dynamic Freight Shipping who seem very helpful? Has anybody used them?

One local agent in Panama has quoted $300 to clear the bikes (in one crate) from customs in Panama. Is it that difficult? We have a smattering of Spanish and a bit of experience of this.

Thanks and cheers Sheonagh

Sheonagh 22 Mar 2010 22:12

air freight London to Panama
We used Dynamic based at Heathrow - full shipping details posted on the shipping section - (for when the link gets fixed).

Dynamic were superb - contact c.merson@dynamic-intl.com Chris Merson is really helpful.

We cleared the bikes ourselves - no need to use an agent but you really need to speak Spanish or have somebody with you who does
- or have immense patience and loads of time to spare......

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