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100wattwarlock 16 Jul 2005 18:13

Air Freight GS UK-Newark
I've scouted around on the board and found one place that air freights from the UK to the US, but they were a little slow to respond, and didn't read my mail properly, thus the quote I eventually got was not correct, not a good start, and doesn't install confidence in me letting them ship my bike....
SO.. my question is, can somebody recommend a decent air freight shipping company for bikes from the UK to the US East Coast, preferably Newark?


simonrjames 18 Jul 2005 19:15

We shipped the other way in Feb this year. NYC to Manchester. We used a company called Berklay Shipping who were fantastic. They specialise in shipping bikes around the world in and out of the States. Get in touch with Greg at greg@berklay.com. Im sure he will be able to help. They are based near JFK but will be able to deliver your bike where you want.

100wattwarlock 19 Jul 2005 00:52

Thanks for that, I'll give him a shout....

Jerome 5 Aug 2005 21:27


You dont say which agent you used nor who was slow to contact you.

was it UTI? I posted a 'shipments by travellers' - Heathrow to Newark. UTI were very helpful, efficient and cheap.

Call Dave Hewlett on 01753 764470 and get it flown with Continental. Thier office is only a 200m walk from Customs. Unbelievable.

Definitely go to Newark and not JFK. Newark friendly and relaxed. JFK reputed to be aggressive and a pian in the ****.

I arrived 2 hours after my bike. Cleared it and rode away 1 hour later.

Good luck.



100wattwarlock 6 Aug 2005 14:58

Indeed it was UTI, I have forgotten the agents name, but I felt a bit unsure of these guys, I gave them the weight of the bike with Zegas etc. but when I recieved the quote it was for half the weight, and Motorbike was spelled Motorbyke, now I know this sounds a bit tight from me, but I'm in England dealing with someone who has an obvious english name, I expect the weight I gave to be quoted (or as close as is possible), and the spelling of Motorbike to be at least correct.
I guess that doesn't make me sound much like I'm gonna survive anywhere else in the World, but it's not meant that way at all.
Anyway I'm sure they're OK, and you recommended them, so you have had experience.
I have dealt with shippers and removal men in the past, and have always ended up paying more, and being held to ransom (almost) for hidden fees etc. I am VERY wary of these people.

My plans have changed now anyway, and it looks like this trip is now on hold.
Thanks for the replies.

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