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Werner 27 Oct 2002 01:55

Air Freight Dhaka to Bangkok
On Sept. 1, 2002 I shipped my F650 from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Bangkok on the daily Thai Air flight.
Contact in Dhaka: Homebound Packers & Shippers Ltd. SW(A) 26 Gulshan Ave. Dhaka - 1212, Bangladesh, Tel 9887872; e-mail freight@hbps.bangla.net, c/o Mr George Quiah, Manager Air Freight. The company is located in the diplomatic section of the city. It is owned by Canadians.
I left bike with them on Monday morning, drained fuel, disconnected battery, and took off alu cases, which were placed beside the front wheel. It was put on a wooden grate, strapped down, and covered with plastic. It was placed on a large metal skid with other cargo, and loaded on the same flight I was on the following Thursday. I left my carnet with the company. I was told to come on Wednesday afternoon to receive cancelled carnet, and pay the charges, which were US$750. In Bangkok I went to the Cargo Terminal, where it took three hours the next day (Friday) to get bike out. Cost about US$25. The people were friendly and very efficient. Bangladeshi bureaucracy is much more people-friendly than Indian bureaucracy. I can recommend them warmly. Tip: Stay at the Dhaka Sheraton, secure, and centrally located. There you will find Thai Head Office, Dhaka, and Thai Cargo office, where you can double check how Homebound operates.

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