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maren 8 Sep 2002 23:51

air-cargo to bangkok
we want to make a trip through thailand, laos and cambodia in november 2002. Flight`s booked. we want to take our own motorbikes, as we are staying for 3 months. has someone experience with air-cargo to bangkok? what kind of papers we need? if we need a carnet de passage? where can we find someone who can give us qualifide imformation? we had a little bad luck with the transportation-firm which wanted to transport the bikes to bangkok by ship.as time is running now, we want to try it with air-cargo.cu maren

Grant Johnson 9 Sep 2002 03:16

You don't need a carnet for Thailand, Cambodia or Laos at last word - BUT it does make it MUCH easier - it's relatively simple and inexpensive from ADAC, so I would recommend it.

Read the shipping page for lots of info on shipping. Lots of shipments to Bangkok, but not from Germany - but you will get good arrival info.

Air shipping to Bangkok from Germany shouldn't be hard - check Lufthansa - they fly bikes everywhere.

Also search the HUBB - there is LOTS of info here, you just have to do a search for it. Searching on "Laos" for instance gives good info. "Laos carnet" also. Also "Golden Triangle Rider". Other search criteria should be obvious. It's all there!

Papers needed will just be your standard bike registration documents, and drivers licence. An international drivers licence is probably worth getting from ADAC.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

David and Cheryl Laing 9 Sep 2002 12:44

Try this guy called Barry Crawford,he is an American working in Bangkok. We found him to be very helpful when we freighted our bikes and I am sure he could put you in contact with his German agent.
Barry Crawford, East West Air services
email ewasbkk@ewas.com

Email me diect if you need more information.
Good luck, it will be great fun. Thailand is a wonderful ride!

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