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wingwench 3 Jan 2011 22:37

2 Vstroms from SCL to California
We will be ending a South America tour in Santiago the first week of March and need to transport 2 vstroms to Southern California. Any info or contacts much appreciated! Thanks so much~


HP2TRACKSATW 18 Jan 2011 00:16

Shipping Crates
Not sure if this will help but we have 2 steel shipping crates that are going to arrive in San Antonio, Chile (2 hours W from SCL) late this month (Jan 2011) and they are probably available if you choose to ship by sea from San Antonio to USA. Crates are about 8'x3.5'x4' and fit two 1200cc BMW's easily (1 each crate) no diassembly required. Martina who you will find on links on this site from Valapariso is helping us on the Chile end. Let me know. Thanks Paul

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